Google plans on distributing 10K of its security keys around the globe to companies and users which are at a higher risks of targeted cyber-attacks

Google is one of the greatest tech companies in the world. However, one if the main reason of its popularity and success is the fact that Google is very conscious and considerate towards the safety of its users.

The tech firm yet again has boasted a development that makes all of us realize how important the security of its users is to Google. The company has announced that it will be distributing 10,000 free security keys to its high risk users throughout 2021. Security keys are a new way for user protections and it enables two factor authentication which keeps user data and passwords safe from any kind of cybercriminals out there.

A survey result showed that the most targeted attacks online were directed towards users that had high profile rans throughout the world like politicians, big name businesses, human rights activists and journalists. While Google has tried its utmost best throughout to provide safety to its users and has its own team to keep an eye on such targeted attacks along with a separate Advanced Protection program which provides further security, but such incidents cannot be stopped with only Google’s practices.

According to the company while it has always brought about tools and features to protect its users, many high profile users themselves are not conscious against their privacy and even if Google plays its part, their lack of negligence can cause them damage.

Hence Google has planned to distribute free security keys so that people understand how important and confidential their data is and how it should be protected.

Google will be distributing these 10K security keys to various entities throughout the globe. To start off the list, Google has collaborated with International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES). This is an organization that deals with governance, democracy and electoral issues from around the globe. Its work alone shows the importance it holds in the world and hence is a company at a major risk for cyber-attack. Hence, this year Google has given the keys to the attendees of IFES global cyber hygiene, specifically to the journalist and female activists in the Middle East and next year it will be providing its Titan Keys to the same firm.

In 2020 it gave its more 180 security keys to nonprofit and nonpartisan organization Defending Digital Campaigns (DCC).

Google while is doing a great job at providing safety to high risked profiles, it is also marketing some of its greatest security products rather efficiently and if all goes well for them it will become the most used tech firm in security within no time.

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