Google Chrome to change some of its options and outlooks, giving its browser a more native (Microsoft Edge inspired) look to align its UI with the launch of Windows 11 soon

Microsoft while announced that its Windows version 10 will be the last of the operating system to be launched and after that only the 10th version will be receiving updates, things changed when Microsoft announced the launch of its Windows 11.

The launch of the new Windows OS, despite the halted enhancements was because of the increasing market competition and obviously with new technologies and software’s appearing, Microsoft felt threatened to get lost or forgotten in the long run.

However, the launch of Windows 11 is not the news here. Windows 11 will be appearing with a whole lot of UI changes as well.

So while Windows 11 is all set to launch, Google is all set to make the possible changes for its browser to work the best and in alignment with the newer popular Windows series.

Google will be giving the Chrome a more native look in response to the launch of the new Windows.

The news came from an update on Chromium Gerrit where the Google company posts about all their updates and information about their new launches. According to the report from that particular patch which informs users about the Google update, it is confirmed that Google Chrome will now be making their menus more Windows 11 styled so that it works perfectly and in alignment with the new Windows.

While not much has been said about what the changes and differences will be from the current Google outlook, the rounded menu corners and mica transparency feature are very much expected.

Mica transparency will give users a side menu options opening which will still make the background Google screen visible, in a shadowed transparent way. Windows 11 style icons like those present on the Edge are also expected to make their way on the new update.

Microsoft Edge context menu (AKA right click options) in Windows 11, that Google Chrome May Copy

Though, while news has circulated about the changed a specific time frame has not been mentioned as to when these changes will appear.

However, if the news has been updated on Chromium Gerrit, it might not take long before we see the possibly expected changes on our respected search engines.

H/T: Leo Varela

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