The Consequences Of The Server Shutdown Still Shown By Instagram

It has been a week since the greatest social media outage of all time targeted Facebook and subsidiaries for the 6 long hours not only causing monetary loss by a falling of 7% but also caused enough troubles for it to take action against changing its servers in the long run and analyzing the reason for the fall. This briefing and reporting and attempts to revamp the reputation against the fall have caused Facebook and its subsidiaries to lose in million in revenue and much more in goodwill over the users.

In an attempt to correct the anomalies that Instagram had been stuck with, it has decided to launch a new update relating to any such occurrences that will be shown on Instagram when users attempt to use it allows the users to not be in a sense of disarray and frenzy as the application and its users were stuck with in the previous week for the better part of the day.

Instagram followed suit with it in a blog post by posting pictures indicating the error that would be displayed highlighting the fallacy with which it has been reporting. Alongside the problem or a message indicating that there is a problem incase one has not been diagnosed yet, the server would display on the user’s newsfeed that there is a problem and the Instagram team is working diligently to solve that problem at their earlies asking them to have patience and not panic over the problems that they are facing as these problems are probably being faced by more people.

Instagram’s blog post further extended on the topic by stating that this would not be indicated at any minor inconvenience that occurs with the platform but is specifically reserved for times when the problem is big and the users are scattering around for a thread to hang on. It also added that company has decided not to just roll out this feature but watch it with keen eyes in the United States under beta testing to analyze their decision and their success.

Furthermore, another feature to be added is the account status feature that would indicate the different status that the account is currently in to protect the user from unwarranted and surprising actions. This would start off by showing posts that are removed due to violations and the facts that there could be issues of disabling the account if this continues. This sets stage for Instagram to unveil Shadow banning that will be presented to the users in the near future.

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