Facebook owned Instagram may be fearful of losing the teen population from its app

Facebook owned Instagram has been in hot waters lately. While previously it was found that a lot of younger audience does somehow access the application, and view a lot of content inappropriate for their age, Instagram was called out on this issue. Later Instagram was called out on creating a younger version of their application for children between the age of 10-12, an age which is not allowed on the current Instagram version.

The basic idea for this Instagram mini version was to give minors a place to socialize, and maintain its featured content and security according to their age group. However, many lawmakers called out Instagram on this issue, while the tech giants only idea was to provide a safer space for kids considering they are already on the internet, the idea was soon dropped by the tech giant.

However, soon after it was revealed that Instagram can be a harmful place for teenagers, especially for young girls. The report mentioned that many young teenagers had received a lot of content which glamorize suicide and murders, along with fat shaming and certain body image being beautiful.

However, Instagram backed up their statement claiming that their survey with teenagers showed that the application has proven to be a safe space for many.

Now, a report by NYT has concluded that Instagram since 2018, has been zeroing all its marketing revenue to the teenagers present on their application. While, this is true that 70 to 80 percent of Instagram audience is teenagers and almost 90 percent is under the age of 22, Instagram will surely focus in them.

However, with the growing competition and many teenagers opting for TikTok and other social apps as well is giving Instagram a hard time.

When Instagram was questioned if they out all their marketing budget on teenagers, Instagram denied this and claimed that while teenagers are an important part of their social app, that is now the case.

This year, Instagram’s marketing revenue happens to be 390 million dollars. Instagram focusing all this on teen marketing does mean that it feels something is wrong.

However, it is great that Instagram is working on teen marketing, but what the app needs to realize is that they should overcome the issue that teens and young girls are facing on their app and resolve them first, before making sure that the teenage population stays online.

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