Brave updates a feature which will protect users from Bounce Tracking on their search engine

Online tracking is so sleek that at times, users have no idea that they are being tracked. In between all the numerous tracking methods, yet another one called ‘bouncing’ has been discovered and Brave has made sure that users on its platform stay safe from such happenings.

Brave is updating a new feature in their desktop browser, which the company likes to call ‘Debouncing.’

The new update is to prevent tracking of users through the internet by a means of method called ‘Bounce.’

Bounce is a method which has long been used on the internet, however, only few methods have been applied to prevent it. What happens through bounce is that this is a feature which is used to track users. How so? Well, you must have noticed when you click on a link to a particular site, before being directed to that site, at times users are led to a different one. Backing from that intermediate or middle page gives you back the access to the original page you wanted to go on.

So why users are led to that particular site?

Well, this is what the internet calls ‘Bounce or Redirect Tracking.’ This method is used to track user through an intermediate domain in the middle, before giving them access to their requested site. When users are directed to the intermediate domain, that is when their tracking starts. Before they are shifted to the original requested site, a bounce Q settled in the intermediate domain starts to track users and their information.

That is what Brave is trying to prevent from happening on its browser.

With the world so conscious about their privacy, some people won’t even have any idea that this pop up site was a means to track their information.

Brave, with its debouncing method, has gathered a track of all sites and URLs which are involved I bounce tracking and has blocked them from accessing their users. So whenever any person will click on a link to be directed towards a site, brave will link them directly there without the trouble of any intermediate domain in between.

Brave through this new feature are giving users are sense of privacy and control over their data. Everybody has the right to decide when and how they want to give up their data, and accessing data in such ways is a threat to both the society and users as well.

It is great that browsers like brave are trying to protect their users and give them a trouble free and secure environment to make their searches on.

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