Facebook Is Pledging To Report Numbers Regarding Web Conversions On iOS 14.5+ More Accurately

Facebook has recently announced that it will be taking measures to more accurately adhere to campaign reporting where OS 14.5+ is concerned.

This news, while seemingly an out of the blue statement, comes in lieu of a previous admission. Facebook had stated in an earlier blog post statement by Vice President of Product Marketing for the company, Graham Mudd. In that post, Mudd admitted that the company had been under reporting iOS web conversions by a significant 15% on the iOS 14.5. This admission also came a bit late, considering that iOS 14.5 has been around for a while and the underreported numbers were admitted to on the tail end of September, 2021. It's almost as if Facebook very much planned on under reporting numbers in the first place.

But why would that ever benefit the social network? Web conversions in this context, for those unaware, refer to ad campaigns by the switch of Facebook to the new iPhone and iPad operating software. Advertising, especially the model that Facebook typically follows with third party advertisers, took a severe blow when Apple introduced the iOS 14, with it's new Tracking/Transparency feature. What this meant is that users could access any sort of application, without having to worry about any personal data being stolen under the pretense of cookies or necessary data, all of which is ultimately what ads rely on. Facebook's main revenue stream comes from ads, which are now affected. The underreporting admission was made in a post that also highlighted how advertisers and Facebook as a whole would be affected by the upcoming iOS after 14.

The conclusion here is an easy one to draw. Facebook needs advertisers and the general populace to feel that Apple is stifling a lot of good money and revenue that users can benefit from, and therefore should be stopped. Even before this, Facebook was heavily invested in ensuring that Apple would overturn it's new regulations. Posts and emails flew abundant, with newspaper publications being thrown into the mix as well. It was a wild ride.

Sadly, Facebook has been caught with its hand in the jar and is now pledging on reporting numbers accurately. I wonder what major change occurred around the same time as this revelation by the social network to be forthcoming and honest? Surely it has nothing to do with the whistleblower currently testifying in front of Congress. Right?

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