Facebook announces fiery new updates for SMBs, including features such as video calling and Expanded Appointment bookings

Are you a business owner that uses Facebook for Business? Well we have good news for you. Recently Facebook has announced the launch of exciting new features for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in which the option to Audio call and Video call is available, simply from the inbox at Facebook and also latest engagement booking functionality for much improved communication as well as better connection thus benefiting small business on Facebook.

However, these functionalities are not recently launched or are something new to the market.

Day by day as everything on social media platforms is being updated Facebook has also planned to update its calling features, now business Audio or Video calls could be directly done through this Business inbox present in messenger. The chosen SMB's now have a very feasible option to have an Audio or Video call with their customers without any disturbance or default even some updates have been extra added for a very smooth and reliable connection.

Facebook has also increased the chosen SMBs in live audio room. According to Facebook they say that it’s most beneficial for newly started small businesses as they can host live meetings and discuss the queries which customers face, moreover it can also serve as a mode of communication between business and customer. These businesses can also call creators or friends or followers to be speakers in these live audio meetings.

This is also going to serve as a brand promoting platform as well as for worthy selling opportunities specifically for small businesses who are in a growing process and want long-term success with more publicity.

Facebook is launching new features, one after another and more features are in the making, recently Facebook has been working on launching the appointment tools mainly for the small businesses for a few months. Through this businesses can also manage their appointment timetable and it's going to be easier for customers to book appointments.

The working of this procedure is through syncing with Google calendar including the range of famous booking tools.

Facebook will be giving rise to small businesses via providing majorly support, along the recent prompt when one person interacts with an SMB ad.

When the users or customers like or love react an ad put up by a small business, a text would appear on the screen telling how interacting with these small company ads would support the small businesses and grow in publicity.

An estimated percentage of 72% small businesses from US which are utilizing personalized ads say it's highly important to succeed, so more measures would be made to aware everyone that personalized ads are major ways with which people could get to know more about these small businesses on social apps like Instagram or Facebook along with helping these companies who run small business to succeed.

Still a few updates are being made which are going to be launched soon by Facebook.

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