Google is planning to make Android users life a bit more easier, this feature will help them manage their work and personal profiles even better

Google is one of the leading tech companies in the world. The tech giant has excelled in all tech related fields it has stepped in, whether it is launching their phones or making sure their browser stays at the number one position.

The company is also well known to bring updates which are pretty beneficial for their users, and this time around too, Google is bringing a really cool update to their Android smartphones.

Google, a while back had introduced a work profile feature. Not many of you would know about it because it is not so commonly available to everyone, however, we’ll update you about it.

The feature basically helps users who use the same phone for work and personal life. The users on a switch of a button can access application related to personal life, and turn off the ones related to work completely. Once the switch off button for work is chosen no work related messages, notifications or any other thing will be received and users can concentrate on their personal life.

The same is vice versa. Users can enable work and switch off personal life apps.

This is a great feature for people who run small scale businesses or freelancers who have clients. On working hours, such users can enable their phone on work mode, and when they give themselves a break from work, they can switch back to personal apps. This will help them maintain a good balance between the two aspects of their life, because to be honest too much work content isn’t good for anyone, and personal apps in between work can be quite distracting.

However, not many people know about this Google ‘Switch.’ This is because Google had initially made it available for enterprise customers, but it is expanding now. Starting 2022, the feature will be available to Workspace users as well and if things goes well, it soon will make its way to other parts of Android features.

This means soon many Android users will get to experience it’s working.

Google has been doing great in the tech world, the company comes up with some great changes and updates which has always astounded its users, and we cannot wait to see what else the future with Google holds.

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