Due to the shortage of chip; Apple stops the production of iPhone 13 by 10 million units

The continuous chip shortage problem effects a very named company Apple, due to this reason the company has decided to reschedule the iPhone 13 production as the merchants were unable to deliver in the specified time period, reports Bloomberg.

Report shows, the contractors of Apple which were Texas and Broadcom have delayed the shipments of components in the required quantity which were to be used in production of iPhone 13, this made company choose to delay the phones production which indeed is a really stressing news for the company as well as the users of Apple who were waiting for the launch of new device impatiently.

Another set back news explained that the company has decided on producing 10 million lesser devices this year as compared to the original number of devices which were previously decided to be made, news also stated a 1 percent loss in the companies shares due to this reason.

The company has decided to give more knowledge about iPhone 13 on the date of 28th October, 2021 and also announce its earning progress, moreover on 28th October the company will also inform the investor how the sales of iPhone 13 are proceeding the market and introduce the audience with its features.

The issue of lack of availability of chip has been a matter of stress since more than 1 year and even now it remains unsolved, large number of companies are suffering due to this issue may it be big scale companies or newly introduced small scale companies.

The presence of Silicon in small amount is mostly making the Automobiles Industry suffer as limited availability of silicon is directly related to fewer number of cars been produced, which is really not acceptable as cars are a basic necessity now a days and all the people across the globe use vehicles for transportation purposes.

In recent gathering of company and merchants, Apple has alerted them about how the availability issues components is affecting the company and would further continue to affect them in iPhone production, iPad production and MacBook production.

For big companies such as Apple this issue is stressing in the matter of shares and sales. However, through the recent reports it is somewhat predicted that the company would be facing destruction in sales which would obviously decrease the earning of the company in the upcoming years.

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