Apple Vs Epic Games Battle Allows Google To Benefit With A Countersuit

Epic Games had been fighting a legal war against the giants of the technological world. With main cases going on against the likes of Apple and Google the war seems and feel all the more real, however, there are pointers in this war that indicate that despite getting a decision to use alternative means for transferring in-app payments, the court decided for Epic Games to pay a hefty payment to Apple as a result of the alternatives they have been using without the permission of the corporation as a way to avoid Apple Pay, its 30% take and the monopoly it has over the sequence of Application Stores on iOS platforms over the board.

Even though there has been a lot of problems and the new appeal to the Supreme Court, the most recent development to pay the fine against Epic Games has called for a new purpose to the development on the Google VS Epic Games front as Google recently initiated a countersuit against the Epic Games. This came out as a result of the company breaching the agreement to use the services mentioned as Fortnite included a secondary payment method for a chance to mess around with the services and prevent from paying Google what was due to them.

Google continued their show as to indicate that Epic Games have been leaving for them to be breaking their clause as well in nature as such to prevent Google from taking in the benefits that they most certainly deserved in for the actions that users make the payments from methods that Google was not associated with.

This was extended to everyone that was in line to find a way around the users and their constructive uses over the top to avoid any probability for them to pay the charges of Google and all of their accomplices has proven for the users to be troublesome.

Since there is now a precedent for the big tech giants to prevent any and all access from other companies to get away with not paying these agencies what they have been meaning to. Furthermore, these incentives the big firms to act on these considerations along with the possibility of them to indicate that there won’t be any such future problems as there is little room for changes.

Creator: Justin Sullivan | Credit: Getty Images

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