Apple Is Pushing And Prodging For The Creation Of An AR Keyboard

Apple has led the global market for innovation and creativity for more than a decade. Their research and development quarters paired with their retail and public sales strategy has ushered not just themselves towards a stable community and good profits but also pushed forward the international community towards new and better devices operating on iOS and macOS as well. The air books and iPhone from Apple started their reign with the iPad chiming in with it.

However, Apple now looks towards increased security with the Apple Transparency Policy and towards greater innovation in competition for Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus and Google’s VR. Now Apple has introduced the Apple Glass and other Apple Series Augmented Reality Headsets. These AR headsets are at the top with their cutting edge technology and their new feature allows the users to have the ability to turn any other feature into a surface keyboard allowing for on the call typing for people with difficulties in typing too. Apart from the Apple macOS and other features, the resources from these augmented reality headsets allow for every user to access on easier touchpads and touch typing, a skill almost as imperative as breathing in the modern world.

Followed through with the headset and the ability to create any surface in to a keyboard, it is also furthered that the access and output of all that is being typed and created will be generated onto the headset right in front of you to edit, create, or send.

This is backed by the new patent that has taken augmented reality devices by the storm as the Keyboard Operation with Mounted Headset. The patent permits the user to see what is being typed, the keyboard, their own hands and everything in the middle as if operating a computer in front of your screen along with seeing through the monitor to your own keyboard. This would further speed up typing as the primary goal of the patent by eliminating the need to look up the keyboard to see what you are typing and just initiate it into the streamlined and stress free typing experience that Apple promises with all of their other goods.

Not only that, the patent design also allows the user to function and edit the keyboard to their design being the first of the kind to do so. This not only eases and increases the pace of typing but also increases comfortability and accessibility for even differently abled users.

H/T: AI.

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