Facebook And Its Acquisitions Crashed And Snapchat Profited From It As Winner

A few days ago, Facebook’s server crashed down the road for several hours, and not only Facebook suffered the blow back but all of the subsidiaries from Instagram to Messenger to Oculus to WhatsApp all were down. This left everyone in a state of frenzy as online presence and constant communication is the thing moving the world and keeping it going. As everyone was searching hither and tither as means to communicate on a social media platform, Snapchat not only came in as a rescuer to all but walked away with what is expected to be the biggest earnings of the day as the 2.7 billion of these daily Facebook and its subsidiaries users walked right in to Snapchat’s waiting arms during the closure.

However, Snapchat was not the only one that cashed on in this opportunity. Over the roadway, there were many other social media applications that saw an increase in their users over the 6 hours that the services were down. During one of the biggest and longest social media outages of all time, Snapchat’s time spent has increased by an astonishing 23% during the time, while it saw a 14% growth in sessions.

Facebook after losing on their business and their stock crashing by 7% during the 6 hours, put the blame over toward the network misconfiguration and the losses that they faced in regards to that were accredited with the difficulties for applications. The monetary loss was not the only one that Facebook faced head on here, with the firm being constantly faced with difficulties, this down time as fuel for those biding on their time for attacking on the company and perked up the senators to call for new pointers to push Facebook back to the ropes.

Following into the 23% increase for Snapchat, Telegram took place for most of the users on WhatsApp and according to ST data, Telegram was able to set new standards and servers on the bar with an estimated 6 million new users joining the messaging platform in just one day. Not only that, Telegram was able to climb the ranking on the Apple’s app store as the most downloaded application in the top 40. Following Snapchat and Telegram, Signal came in at third to eat on the carcasses of the shutdown followed by Twitter and lastly TikTok.

To back themselves on track and not show any weakness, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, quickly released a statement saying that they are extensively working to make sure that any such discrepancy does not take place in the future and Facebook and its subsidiaries are secure from it.

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