Apple rolls out its App Privacy Report feature in the beta version of 15.2 update

Apple has ways been conscious about the privacy and security if its users and hence the company's privacy features happened to be the best among all the other companies.

Within the past few years, Apple has become even more aware and alert about what goes on its products and apps and how it can secure its users from the privacy and security issues which have arisen because of the advancement in technology.

Apple in its WWDC 2021 conference announced about a new feature which will help users detect which apps are obtaining what information and how often. While the feature was made available up until the conference according to latest news from the Apple Head Quarters looks like the company will be releasing it for the beta version soon in the update of 15.2.

The new feature according to the company will help users in identifying which applications holds what information of accessibility and how often do they obtain user information through it. For example, if a particular application is obtaining user information every hour or two, the exact data will be provided to the user through this new feature. It seems like a great feature because after knowing how often an app is consuming user data and what other parties is it transferring it to, users can decide whether they want to share their information with that particular application or not. The option for being in hold of their own data is given to the users by Apple through its App Tracking Transparency feature.

However, this feature is still in its beta version, which means that it only has been provided to a specific number of beta users and is currently in test and trial.

A lot of times, features after the beta process are not released when they do not get a good feedback from the public, but this one looks rather promising and hence we are positive that is will be making its way soon. However, the final decision will be in the hands of the company and with time we will know what the outcome is.

However, we are not sure how social media and other applications will react to this feature. Any time Apple has released a privacy feature a lot of protests and backlashes have been done by organizations and companies because in some instances it affects their revenue and way of working. Apple though has been constant on its practices every time.

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