Another Setback For Gamers As They Have To Choose Between Security and Better Performance

Windows has always been the go to operating system for a lot of gaming users and has served well since its Windows 98 boom back in the day. Following that, Windows 99, Windows XP, Windows VISTA, 7, 8, 9, and 10 have provided the ever so faithful users back with more. However, most of them have some downsides but that is expected as it is all in a growing stage. The new release of Windows 11 seems to catch the eye of every tech enthusiast out there to analyze its performance and realize all that it has to offer.

While many triumphed in joy, the gamer community was feeling a blow back and that too of a massive 30% in performance due to some security features of the new Windows. The fall in performance and the security feature causing the problem was identified by UL Benchmark during their pre release testing process of the new Windows 11. The company, UL Benchmark is accredited with the creation of 3D Mark, Computer Base, and PC Gamer, not only adding to the credibility of the problem identifier but the validity to the concerns for the gamers.

The report generated by the company points in all directions at a security concern namely the Virtualization Based Security protocols. The notes concurrent with the security feature mentioned that there are several different benchmark scores as the protocols are installed when the user initiates a new setup for Windows 11 while the protocols are not installed by default when the user upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11, raising some eyebrows and problems for Microsoft.

The PC Gamers Test and the Compute Base tests, while working on different builds of the system gave a 28% performance loss and a slightly lower loss respectively. With an explanation from Microsoft incriminating that the Virtualization Based Security protocols utilize a select block of memory to fight against a security threat, it becomes quite clear that the feature is only for certain businesses and large organizations but not home users that do not very often face the concerns that the protocols are set in place for to tackle.

The report also mentioned the solution for home users to Microsoft as this organization centered and oriented protocols system can only be made available by selection and that too to organizational primarily. For home users, this can be installed however, deactivated by default and only activated with the warning that it can lower the performance with the final percentage figure generated with the final bit. We can also hope that the loss of performance can be completely negated while the protocols be kept in action however, it seems highly unlikely yet not impossible.

Image: Microsoft

H/T: ComputerbasePCgamerUL benchmarks.

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