YouTube allows cross watching videos from your smartphone to desktop

YouTube has recently been proactive in terms of all of its updates and developments and one of the main reasons that it has seen a rise in its revenue, watch time, and content creation can be attributed to the updates. More or less the result of stringent competition from the likes of Clubhouse, TikTok, and Instagram for content creation, these updates have prominently seen YouTube triumph over the top as a result of their long standing dominance over the industry. However, it is almost time for YouTube to reclaim the throne with fashion, and this time not by pushing forward copied ideas such as YouTube shorts, but innovative and over the top features across devices.

The newest Continue Watching update is a feature that connects the videos that an individual is watching on their android or iOS device to the web browser. A pre requisite is that both the devices should be sharing the same Google or YouTube account that is linked, as reported by 9to5G.

The feature catches on to the idea of alternative watching and this can be achieved by understanding the following scenario. A person is watching a YouTube video on their mobile device and decides to exit abruptly due to any possible reason. YouTube now stores the video playing time, backs it up a few seconds, and the next time you open the browser version or with the same ID, a mini player in the bottom right corner of the screen will pop up with a pause button to resume the video, the title of the video and a sub text showing the line continue watching.

This tiny player the size of a mini video player as is popularized will continue to play the video if just the play button is clicked on while it would expand to the entire page if anything apart from the play button is clicked on. Not only has this feature been expanded to Chrome and macOS but also been presented to Android TV and other Smart TV options where YouTube is running across the globe.

The feature is starting to roll out with maximum coverage and the response is mixed with much more on the positive side commenting on the new idea of the feature while the rest criticizing it over the need of several other important features that the community has so importantly been asking for.

The positive comments are backed by the feature allowing for faster play of videos than the library option, the history option, or the add to watchlist option that can be used for a similar experience, and being fast might help this update stay intact and relevant.

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