Has Social Media Triumphed All Of Our Priorities?

The world has moved to a digital landscape and at the very center of this digital revolution are the leading old days of MySpace, now extinct, and Facebook, now the huge tech giant. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all other social media applications have cemented them across all generations as the center of social exchange, entertainment, and all other forms of enjoyment that can be asked off. However, all generations have different priorities with respect to all other aspects that are unlinked to their social media.

The data from HaveIBeenPwned shows that around 11.5 billion accounts have suffered some form of hacking since 2007.

Recently, Router Network conducted a survey to find the cyber security concerns of internet users. The surveyed users were divided into the three generations, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers. They were asked about what account they are the most afraid of hacking allowing them to key in multiple answers for the question. The results were partly astonishing, partly expected and majorly explanatory.

The data shows that 54% users are scared of their Facebook account being hacked, followed by 43% being afraid of their Instagram account being hacked. Following suite, was a 33% scare of all that is happening around for the users in terms of their financial account, bank and similar. For many that consider crypto currency as financial, that category was faced with just a mere 9%, however, by joining both of these methods of finances, the threat posed to financial institutions rises to around 43% tying up with the second highest.

However, the highest number of hacks were expected and explained as over the last 2 decades, the number of Facebook accounts faced with any forms of hacking rose up to 2.2 billion users and their accounts being breached. Following the infographic further expanding on the result, another report in line with the infographic mentioned that the maximum of breaches occur in the Winter at 31% followed by Summer at 28%, Spring at 29% and Fall with just 20% of hacks being faced since 2007. The companies and users involved are expected to take all maximum measures to prevent this from happening anytime in the future as social media privacy is the most important at this point in time. Take a look at below charts for more stats:
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