YouTube clarifies that it works with full force to ensure only the best content stays online and the young minds on its platform stay protected

YouTube is the leading video watching and uploading application on the globe and the tech giant has always made sure that it delivers the best tools and content to its users and makes sure that they stay safe and protected online.

The head of YouTube Susan Wojcicki addressed the fact that YouTube is indeed a safe application for all age types, specially the adolescents and the young minds. The Wojcicki cleared that the team sits with a panel of workers to discuss what is not right, what can be made better and how they should proceed their work so that it is beneficial for its users and at the same time makes sure no harm is done to anyone.

The statement seems to have come out because very recently YouTube’s rival social media application Instagram which is acquired by the very well-known Facebook was caught up in a scandal. Instagram was accused of being a harmful place for the teenagers online and that its photo sharing option was harmful for many specially the young teenage girls on the application.

Apart from this, Facebook planned on creating an Instagram for Kids between the ages of 10 to 12 and this idea did not sit well with many. However, the plans for such an application has been put on halt by the social media giant as announced this week.

So, considering all this it is evident that YouTube would like to clear of its self before any accusations and allegations makes its way to them.

In the past YouTube was accused and charged related to the content moderation and the application version for Kids. It was accused of violating the privacy of the kids online by tracking them online without their parents’ consent and also because it allowed minor kids online to access content which was suitable for adult only. Hence Google and YouTube had to pay $170 million to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and New York Attorney General in 2019.

The CEO hence has confirmed beforehand after the scandal of Instagram that YouTube has a panel team with which they discuss how their products and tools can be used, discusses matters and implements the best advices and also look into third party surveys on a lot of matters to see user reactions to situations.

The CEO ended with the statement that she is a mother as well and she truly understands how impactful social media is for kids and how engrossed this generation is online. Hence through her applications she wants to provide a space safe for all generations and leave a good legacy of her company behind so that the next generations consume a safer media on the internet.

This is a very thoughtful approach, considering how greatly the lives of children depend upon the internet these days, it is very important for all social applications to take the right approach.

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