Satya Nadella Explains What He Thinks About Microsoft and TikTok Failed Deal

TikTok is one of the leading platform on the entertainment charts from the very beginning and has made sure that its position remains prominent. However, last year it was all set to be acquired by Microsoft, but things took some strange turns.

There were a lot of public hype and conversations regarding this merge, but things never got to the final stage and many were confused why. This wasn’t only the public’s reaction but Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella also in an interview on Monday said that the collaboration and acquirement was one of the strangest things he had ever worked towards.

In the same interview, he went on and clarified what had happened and why the deal never went on completing.

The CEO mentioned that the deal between ByteDance, TikTok’s Chinese Parent and Microsoft began in August 2020, however, by September of 2020, the US president Donald Trump called out TikTok and ordered the company to separate the US office from the Chinese version ByteDance.

According to the CEO, ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming wanted Microsoft to acquire TikTok US because he was impressed by Microsoft’ ways of content moderations and child safety concerns and that TikTok came to Microsoft itself with the deal.

However, with Trumps’ accusations of national security on TikTok and his demand for a separation between the Chinese and US office, the ongoing deal was brought to a halt with neither of the parties taking any step forward. While it was thought that the Trump and TikTok issue will go on for a while, the fire cooled down in January when the Trump presidency ended.

TikTok was left un-acquired with no potential suitor to take it up.

When questioned, how Nadella felt about the TikTok being acquired by Microsoft, he stated that he was actually excited for it. He had plans on implementing Microsoft ways of child safety, security and child expertise within TikTok along with many other things.

But, after the deal was halted, Microsoft wasn’t approached again by TikTok, and the CEO doesn’t know whether the same Trump issue is being raised by the Biden government on TikTok as well. However, the CEO wasn’t very much fazed with all this, he stated he is happy with all that he has acquired and achieved in life and is excited to see where the future takes him and his company.

Photo: Credit: Asa Mathat / Vox Media

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