YouGov Research Shows That The General Public Doesn't Feel Very Positive About The Tech Companies And Their Environmental Impact

A YouGov research reveals that only 13% of consumers across the globe believe that tech companies are doing enough to minimize the environmental impact they have on the planet.

The rather niche nature of this research comes after a rather troubling revelation from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). A report published by the organization has revealed that global temperatures have risen faster in the past 50 years than they have for the 2000 years before that. Scientists all over the world and UN officials have made this much clear: our current atmosphere is under a very severe threat of being destabilized, and action must be taken immediately. However, are the major corporations and companies in our vicinity actually doing anything about this? With corporations being one of, if not the major reason for our current climate change, people are starting to hold them accountable.

In lieu of gauging public perception towards different industries, YouGov America conducted a study. Research was conducted with a sample population of consumers, gathered from 17 different markets across the world. The industries queried after included hospitals, banks, grocery manufacturers, hotels, tech companies, online retailers, social media companies, airlines, automotive services, and insurance providers. The sample population was asked whether or not they believed that these industries were doing enough to combat their own effect on climate change. Of all the industries, hospitals fared the best, with 21% of all individuals stating that they are doing enough. All other industries had about 11-14% of the population vouching for them.

Tech companies, along with airlines, social media, and automobiles, fared the worst across the board. 30% of all individuals definitively stated that tech companies were not doing enough to counteract their effects on the environment, with only 13% stating the opposite. When gauged across the different markets, tech companies have the worst reputation in the UK, where 40% of consumers stated that the companies weren't doing enough. 30% of consumers in Indonesia stated that they were doing enough, making them the strongest market for tech.

Tech companies have started being more vocal about their efforts to go green. Apple and Microsoft especially have made repeated claims that their offices run on clean, renewable energy. HP even stated that the company has now reached a zero percent deforestation state, with paper being stocked up two years ahead of schedule.
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