Movie Industry Tries Holding VPNs Accountable for Piracy

Piracy is something that has been rather rife in the age of the internet, with it becoming increasingly common for people to end up simply torrenting their favorite movies and TV shows rather than buying them from a legal source. This has resulted in a situation wherein the film-making industry has started to lose quite a bit of money over time, something that is becoming an increasingly pertinent problem as time goes by.

Generally speaking sites from which you can download torrents are inaccessible, but some people end up using VPNs for the purposes of ensuring that they get the chance to access them whenever they like. Big name movie companies that are looking for someone to blame for the problem that is currently occurring seem to be targeting VPN companies in this regard due to the reason that these companies can be considered responsible for allowing people to access torrents in the first place.

These major movie companies, as per a TF report, have filed a lawsuit against a number of prominent VPN providers including SurfShark as well as ZenMate. Another problem that these media companies have with VPNs is that they make it so that any geographical restrictions that might have been placed on the content that people can see can be bypassed with ease, something that makes it hard for these media organizations to make certain content exclusive in various areas.

Media companies spend a lot of money on the content that they end up producing so it makes a lot of sense that they might want to find a way to make it as profitable as they can. They should ideally be able to have control over who gets to see their content and in what form, but some might say that these lawsuits are a bit of a stretch and that they might not result in anything positive happening for any concerned party.

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