Upcoming Microsoft Windows 11 will have many changes including the pre-installed applications that won’t actually be installed initially

Tech giant Microsoft will be releasing there much awaited Windows 11 on 5th October 2021. Initially the new generation was kept as a secret but after the news got leaked, the company decided to officially confirm about it in June.

A lot of new changes are to be expected with the new Windows 11, including it’s support for Android applications. The preview version of this Operating System has already been released for developers however, the complete version will be released in October 2021.

The changes that are expected to come along with this OS includes no more availability of Pre installed applications. The Operating System will be working to conserve more space for their users. This is why they won’t make other applications such as pre installed games including Candy Crush or Microsoft To Do as already installed app. Instead, they will create shortcut for these applications which will be available on Start Menu, if a user wants to use these apps they will simply click on the app and will wait for it to get installed from the Store.

According to Microsoft, these changes will play an important role to save device storage as well as reduce the time taken by the system while updating a device because fewer applications will be updated. This will also reduce the number of background applications making the device more faster. Another measure taken to prevent storage consumption includes the addition of Feature on Demand (FOD) option for WiFi Drivers

The visual changes are going to be the most notable changes. The Task Bar and Start Menu will no longer be present at the left instead, they have been shifted at the middle of the display making it more easy to access . In case if the user is not able to get along with Task Bar and Start Menu present at the middle, they can shift it back to their original place as well. Furthermore, the new OS will now be compatible with Chrome Operating System and Mac Operating System.

The Microsoft Store has also been updated. Not only the design has been changed, but the way developers receive their payments has also been updated, making it more easy to use. Widgets are also on their way back and will now work just like the ones on macOS. These Widgets will include calendar, weather, to-do list and much more.

Other changes include a more easy way to manage applications by arranging them the way user wants to. They are also making changes to help gaming community by bringing a pre installed Xbox application that can later be activated so the user can get access to there Xbox library.

5th October 2021 will be the day this new operating system will make its debut and will clear all the queries the users might be having after going through the preview version.

H/T: WL / MS.

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