The latest Telegram update brings new themes for chats, animated emojis, and more features for its users

The Telegram app has launched a new update for its users across the world that has brought a variety of features for its users such as animated emojis, the possibility to eradicate subtitles from media, limitless live streaming, different chatting backgrounds, and read acknowledgment during a group chat. After installing the latest update 8.0.1, the users will be able to personalize the background look and they will get eight different themes that can be applied on both reader and sender’s screen. Each background theme is presenting the incline message bubbles, lively backgrounds, and exclusive patterns as well. Those users who want to try out the latest themes need to go to the chat header and then select the background insignia. The application also stated during the announcement of this update that it will also roll out various new themes in the future.

Besides background chat themes, the update has also brought emojis for interactions. When you send any of the selected emojis to other people, you can click on it to get the full-screen animation effect. This will be noticeable to you and the person who is reading the chat at the same time. These animated emojis are also escorted by vibrations.

One more exciting feature of this new update is read receipt during a group chat. Before that, people do not know whether the other person in a group has seen your message or not. After the launch of this update, users can pick a particular message within a small group and check that which person has seen this message. This read receipt option is already available in the private chat. However, the platform says that it will only retain these records for only 7 days from the date the message was sent in a group.

Moreover, the latest update has introduced the possibility of limitless live streaming and video chats. This platform is one of the biggest messaging applications in the world with more than 500 million monthly active users across the world. The application hosts numerous communities that can generate live happenings for an infinite number of users. Now the administrators of the group can also do live streaming. The admin of the group will get a new option to save both video and audio or just audio. After finishing the recording, the file will be available in the saved messages.

The update is accessible to all regions where the messaging application is available.

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