Twitter introduces Safety Mode to protect users from accounts which use insulting comments and send spam messages

Twitter is one of the top social media platform present on the app store and the platform is a perfect place for many users to rant their feelings or thoughts within a given number of characters without the fear of being judged. Considering how the application is a safe space for many, users expect the social network to care about their privacy and safety as well.

Twitter realizes that too and hence in order to make sure that their users aren’t dog piled with unwanted messages and other kind of spam from people they do not follow or are not associated with through the application, the social media giant is beta testing on a feature called ‘Safety Mode’.

The Safety Mode is made to protect user’s peace and will not let the unwanted insults or spam get through them. Considering how Twitter is a place where people can post about their thoughts and opinions freely, sometimes these thoughts and opinions do not sit well with others and a bunch of people can be pretty rude and self-opinionated in the other people’s DM or simply throw insults directly on the Tweet or use foul language which can be hurtful or offending.

However, through the new Safety Mode feature, Twitter will use its computerized algorithms and will detect such users who use foul language or insulting comments. Once the company’s algorithm system will deem users offensive, it will instantly block the said user from the account it was spamming or sending unsolicited messages or comments on.

The feature will work on the working of Auto block, which means that users one’s account do not follow will automatically be restricted to comment, send messages or follow requests once they are block through the safety mode feature by the tech giant. However, accounts that have interacted with you or you follow will not be instantly blocked.

Once the seven-day block limit will be coming to an end, the account users will receive a message and if they like they can keep them blocked. However, the best part about this feature is that the platform gives users the full authority to go through the safety mode block list and unblock those accounts which they think have been wrongly blocked.

This is because the tech giant while is trying to protect its users, it is doing it through machine technology after all which can sometimes pick up wrong messages and make mistakes in blocking users.

The new feature has not been launched yet, neither any launched date has been announced, but what we do know is that it will first be launched to English Language users for testing purposes before making its way globally.

It is great to see Twitter taking steps towards the safety and well-being of their uses and we cannot wait for when this new feature will launch.

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