Twitter Introduces A New Communities Feature To Engage Users

The world is known to be made up of million smaller communities within a larger one, built to provide a safe and secure environment for any individual who is willing to share their experiences with other people sharing the same interests and point of views. The social media communities have taken themselves to a higher level and are always working to make it better in every way possible.

However, Twitter has struggled with these groups for a long time now, and only recently it started communities to help people keep up with their specific interests. These communities work quite similarly to the way groups on Facebook and Reddit's subreddit works. Once a person joins a specific community they are able to share their tweets with not only their followers but also the members of the community who can like or reply to the tweets sent by them who can then also like any other groups. The community will have a few moderators who will set some ground rules accordingly and allow people in to the community which are open to all the twitter users. The option also allows people to create their own communities freely. Twitter is also working to improve the access to the communities by adding its handle to the center of the main navigation bar of its mobile application, unfortunately, this feature is exclusively available on iOS and on the side bar of its website, not on the android version of the application yet.

This feature can be a game changer for Twitter as the firm has struggled to compel its users before because it hasn't been able to provide users with relevant tweets or accounts. Although they tried once by prioritizing the topics of interests for users to follow, however, it didn't result in credible conversion. According to Twitter, these communities can actually help temporary users to engage more often and add on to the database.

During a presentation, Twitter also mentioned that the communities was being introduced to make it easier for people to discover, share and participate in different conversations that were selected based on their areas of interests. With this feature twitter can take over other apps which works like communities but only for specific people.

Starting from the following week, communities will invite users to initial batches of different communities which include AstroTwitter, Climate and Weather, and #SkincareTwitter. For now, it is just limited to invite only, but Twitter is trying to expand the communities for users to discover and join different communities with free will. It is expected to be one of the biggest hit twitter has given in the year.

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