Twitter contributes to lowering risk of online abuse by allowing users to remove followers without blocking them

Amidst the pandemic we have seen a surge in online bullying and harassment. One kind of abuse that has been in the shadows for even before the pandemic is users lashing out when being blocked due to their inappropriate demeanors. Twitter finally wants to put a stop to this hence has launched a test feature with the ability to remove followers without having to block them.

Now when we're blocked for what seems to us for no apparent reason, there are different kinds of reactions. While some stay indifferent, some react quite outrageously. Calling out, bullying, lashing out, and harassment are some of the common behaviors noticed that Twitter users have to face when they block someone, but no more! With the new test feature, their tweets will quietly disappear from the person-in-subject's feed.

The feature will result in zero notifications that might lead to harassment or online abuse. Although there is no mention when the feature will be rolling out, we do know for sure that it is a part of an extensive privacy project being carried out by Twitter.

Other items included in these privacy-related series include a safety mode test and an option to automatically archive tweets although we do not see how the latter is related to the title it's launching under. The privacy tweaks definitely will create a better and safer platform to voice your opinions and thoughts without having much of a backlash or retaliation, just how Twitter was designed to function.

Although the feature is just in test mode at the moment, we can see that it won't be long until it is available for a wider audience. Amongst all the test features Twitter has launched in the past days, this one is a must-have. We would be rather heart-wrenched if it just flows off without reaching a larger audience for everyone to benefit from.

It will also allow users to free themselves from all the trouble that comes along with fighting abuse. For now, there are only two options; you either report the account and wait for Twitter to take action while the second is to block them however this does risk a severe backlash hence only those can opt for this who have a strong heart. Although this new setting won't prevent any potentially abusive people from accessing your account to begin with, you will have some control over their access later on.

The process is pretty simple as well. As Twitter mentioned in their tweet, simply go to your profile and click followers. Find the follower you want to remove and select the three dot option on the side of that handle. You will be presented with the choice to remove that follower. Once done, you're safe.

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