Twitter Capitalized On Digital World By Presenting New Visual Editing Tools

Twitter was launched in 2006 to help people connect with the world without going through the quintessential process of befriending each other. Whilst doing that Twitter made it easier for people to raise their voice against or in favor of ongoing political, social or economic debates, which empowered its users with confidence. Consequently increasing the number of tweeters every day and every minute. By 2012, Twitter had more than 100 million users posting almost 340 million tweets every day. Which only motivated Twitter to make the application better in every aspect and compel their users to it. Twitter has been updating the app since then, first it allowed its users to follow, retweet and like each other's tweets and continued to add more features including enabling its users to post photos, add hashtags, live stream, apply for verification, join communities and recently it added fleets.

The feature, Fleets allows its users to post full-screen photos, videos or reactions to different tweets and plain text that disappears after a day. Twitter came up with this feature in November 2020 but it proved to be a vain attempt, there was no increase in users at all which forced Twitter to remove the feature last month.

Even though there was no rise in the number of users with fleets, it managed to help the application in other ways. Twitter took its mistake into account and decided to put the updates of this feature in new areas of development. An app researcher named Alessandro Paluzi unveiled the under-development feature that will allow its users to edit their typical tweet into more detailed tweet by using features that were used in fleets, which included adding stickers, texts and crops to photos and videos enabling you to attach them to your tweets providing artistic glimpse to the timeline. Apart from that the feature will grant access to a colorful background to display the tweet in a more creative way.

The CEO of Twitter, took the fleets mishap into account and happened to notice a slight rise in the activity which forced him to consider new possibilities of the feature along the side of recent updates and with the new feature, the updates that were used for fleets will not be considered futile. It will be used in one way or the other, adding a tinge of creativity to the application, which people might want to use at some point to enhance or decorate their tweets to express themselves. Chroma stories that was launched by Twitter last year can also benefit from these amplifying features.

Although there is no official announcement regarding this feature but if put to work in a decent manner it can contribute positively to the application.

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