Twitter Adds A Purchases Sub-Menu, Implying That There's More E-Commerce To Come For The Platform

A new "Purchases" option is showing up in the Twitter function listings of certain individuals, as screenshots pop up across the social media.

Twitter's been taking a certain amount of interest in platform exclusive transactions recently. There's the Tip Jar, allowing users to tip their favorite content creators. This feature's even developing Bitcoin and Ethereum compatibility. There's the Super Followers option, allowing users to get exclusive content for a certain monthly fee, a la Patreon. There's also options like Twitter Blue, which is a subscription package users can sign up for and get special Twitter only features, such as Bookmark Folders. So clearly, Twitter's not completely unfamiliar with the concept of e-commerce on its platform. But with this recent development, it looks like the developers are doubling down on more options.

Nearly all social media outlets are developing e-commerce outlets of their own, one way or another. Snapchat's selling products in collaboration with certain brands, utilizing AR technology for maximum impact. Instagram's recently set up shops that creators can use to sell their exclusive merchandise. Facebook's been doing livestream sales for quite some time now. And it seems that Twitter's now quietly cracking its knuckles and preparing to do something as well. There's been rumblings of such action before. In July, 2021, Twitter conducted a live testing of a new Shops module. In it, users could interact with an interface that held multiple different branded products. Users could scroll between them, and then select whatever they'd like to purchase.

It seems very likely that Shops is what Purchases alludes to. Problem is, we're not fully sure if that's the case. The Purchases option in the function listings was not revealed through any official channels. It was reported on by app researchers such as Matt Navarra and Chris Floyd. Therefore, information is quite speculative. But there's quite a few good guesses at hand.

While Purchases could imply the creation of another e-commerce outlet on Twitter, there are other possibilities as well. Another very likely scenario is that Purchases will simply provide users a history of their online transactions on the site. Be it tips, subscriptions, or tickets, all of them will show up in the Purchases tab. However, at this point, one can't really tell.

The Purchases submenu hasn't shown up for all Twitter users, which means that the feature's under A/B beta testing or the like. We might get some more official confirmatory news down the line.

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