Twitter design is alleged to be the reason behind the platform having a controversial and hostile environment

Twitter while is termed as a space free and safe for all and no matter how users it has on daily basis, most people cannot deny the fact that the atmosphere on Twitter and the way it is designed promoted hostility and controversy among various groups of users.

While a lot of people may not agree to this fact that Twitter can be a racist and mean place at times, people of color, women and marginalized group will surely tend to agree to the statement because according to reports and surveys these three groups are the most common to experience harassment and racism on the tweeting app and this not only stands for common people but celebrities from the three groups mentioned above face the most of the consequences in such regards.

Leslie Goons experienced racist tweets on Twitter while she was promoting her film Ghostbusters and Adam Goodes and several other sportsmen of color went through racist and mean comments directed to them on the app.

This brings us to the question that is Twitter aware of such activities that are happening on its platform and if yes then what is it doing about it?

Twitter realized that a part of hostility and meanness on its application was due to its affordances like their features of character limit, re tweets and mentions and hence the social giant brought about changes in these features which will help limit the hostility impacts.

The social giant increased the number of characters from 140 to 280, introduced a feature called threads which helped users continue their tweet in the comments in order to let their followers know about the entire tweet in one place only and also brought about the hide replies feature which helped to account owners to hide unnecessary and mean comments from other users and themselves. The tech giant also introduced healthy conversation which was a considerate step towards user's mental health.

Twitter had also conducted a survey in 2017 in which they asked users about their experience of hostility on their application and how they have tried to avoid it. It wasn't a shock when many people came up with the same responses about owning multiple accounts, blocking mean users or self-censoring and limiting their interactions on the app.

Twitter however while is aware of the hostility situation on its platform asks its users to solve the matter with a Twitter face. So what is this 'Twitter Face' actually?

Well, according to Twitter how people have certain actions or faces for specific situations in life the same case can be for Twitter. Ok the tech giant two types of faces are observed, confrontation and correcting the information or just plain ignorance. In the first type of Twitter face, users in hostile situations correct the form of impedance put upon them with the right information and move on with their lives while in the second half ignorance is observed and the users being mean or hostile if blocked.

The blocking trait/face is the most common on the platform.

However, while all these factors though temporarily stop the hostility on the app they aren't a permanent solution to its ends and the tech giant really needs to work on some other more supporting factors to make their space actually 'safe' and 'free' in terms of opinion.

H/T: Theconversation.

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