Kantar's Media Reaction report ranks TikTok and Amazon as the most popular ad platforms

Kantar's second annual Media Reactions report has provided some rather astonishing figures with the main highlight on TikTok now being considered the top ranking innovative platform. Even though the number of users now exposed to ad has significantly increased, from 19% to 37%, it is seen that users are much more comfortable with these ads, with a high ad equity on the platform.

The report was based on marketers and consumers concerning their perceptions of different media channels as well as brands. With the pandemic around, users have adopted to digital channels much faster and with it has come the comfort with ads. Ads that were considered a nuisance back in the day with users complaining about seeing them, are now perceived differently as per Kantar's latest report. Consumer trust on these media channels and ads is now higher than most marketers.

We understand digital marketers have it the hardest, while trying to find the balance between brand safety and innovation, they can often lose track of their budget. With Kantar's recent report comes a ray of relief for them. This report represents around 80% of the population with views inclusive of 900 marketing professionals as well as 14,500 consumers. Kantar claims to have covered 23 different markets in this process.

As a result of this report, TikTok seemed to have upped its ranks by a large margin. As TikTok has been the first platform apart from Facebook ones that has passed the 3 million download milestone. The second most popular platform was none other than Amazon, quite surprisingly, based on ad receptiveness. Then came Instagram, followed by Google and TikTok. Although TikTok is not what one might consider to be an 'all-rounder' platform, it certainly is improving majorly with each passing day. Since its main focus is social commerce and production of creative content, it is no wonder ads work greatly on the platform and have been received well. TikTok also seems to be familiar with the balance required in ad insertion. To achieve ad equity, TikTok has been through rough highs and lows which we can guess through its ban in multiple countries including India and the US.

Now keeping TikTok's advances aside, it is time to analyze other areas. When coming to channels, gaming ads that were the least liked last year, increased significantly by 5%. It could be a result of increased consumerism or could be mere likeliness of the channel now. Music streaming ads and podcast ads were liked the best increased by 3% when compared to last year while social media's ad equity only increased by 1%. Podcasts in fact are a huge hit this year as the content and quality keeps increasing while users like something that relates to them, with what empathetic podcasts are a perfect fit.

Marketers have also been taking keen interest in influencers and trusting them with their ads more. This could be a result of less responsibility that comes along with this initiative or just an adaptation to the evolving trends. Influencers also have a major role to play here as they continuously evolve and improve, giving marketers a chance to trust them with their promotions.

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