TikTok boasts Community Commerce which will help its creators and brands a good revenue and easy marketing for products through its platform

Ecommerce businesses while initially weren’t that popular initially, the past few years have brought some massive changes to this part of online world. Ecommerce business have flourished in the past few years, and specially with the break out of the current pandemic a lot of people have switched to online modes for shopping, wither grocery, appliances or normal clothing.

Many find it far more convenient too now, considering the pandemic also has made us lazy to step out of the house.

Considering all this, many social media platforms have jumped on the bandwagon to create an opportunity for all its creators and brands to promote their products on their applications and TikTok was no exception in this.

The short video creating application TikTok while has been leading the entertainment charts for a long time now, it decided it was about time it gave retailers and brands a place to market and in return its creators to achieve a handsome revenue.

TikTok hence introduced ‘Community Commerce’. The Community Commerce is an initiative by TikTok to allow creators to make content for brands and market it directly on the For You Page. Considering how TikTok is used by millions of people, this is a great way for marketing and for users to earn money in return.

The best part about this is that TikTok is a user friendly application and gives users an easy way to create videos. The Community Commerce videos will hence be easy to make and put u as well and will cost brands relatively less money for marketing compared to other ecommerce platforms. Why is that?

This is because with TikTok brands will get to keep 100 percent of the income generated from voiceovers because the application is full screen.

The creators will have a free say in the type of content they want to create in order to market brands because the applications give users the freedom to be creative and when they post it on their For You pages, it will be visible to millions of users who can check those products out.

TikTok also gives users an option called ad products where creators or video makers can tag the product in the video, tapping on which will lead the users directly to site which sells that particular product. SO marketing and purchasing will work in conversion, hand in hand which is a plus for both users and brands.

Ecommerce is flourishing quite quickly and bringing a lot of advantages for creators and TikTok is using this to its fullest to help its users earn a good revenue.

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