LinkedIn Suffered Technical Issues That Skewed Insights And Similar Metrics For Ad Campaigns On The Platform

LinkedIn has recently reported that seven technical issues relating to ads were found and resolved on the platform, with eight percent of the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions customers being affected in the process.

The issues at hand almost entirely affected metrics related to ad campaigns and sponsored posts on the site. Examples of affected data includes view counts for videos, click counts across mobile devices for ad campaigns, insights on sponsored campaigns, and so on. In a nutshell, if the information at hand pertained to ads, then it was potentially affected. However, unlike most major glitches and errors that affect social media platforms, this one was rather self contained. Apparently, only eight percent of the Marketing Solutions customers ended up being affected by the changes. While they're definitely not happy over the current proceedings, what's rather obvious to state is that things could have been so much worse.

The technical issues were publicly acknowledged and addressed by the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions' vice president of product, Gyanda Sachdeva. In a statement reported by AdWeek, the VP goes on to reassure users that the impact of these errors was minimal, and they were fixed within two weeks of discovery. Furthermore, as an act of good faith, customers are both being informed, and compensatory credit is being directed towards their accounts. Sachdeva even adds a numerical figure to the mix, stating that for approximately 66% of the affected population, the loss in damages amounted to USD $25. She ends her statement by further affirming LinkedIn's efforts towards quickly troubleshooting problems, while also maintaining transparency with its users.

LinkedIn's a rather important source of revenue for many users on the internet. Not only does the platform house their CVs and resumes, ad campaigns and the like are usually the best chances that individuals and small businesses have for being noticed and acknowledged. With ads having such an impact on a site that people heavily rely on for their basic income, errors of any sort can prove to be crushing blows to the users. However, LinkedIn's transparency on the matter, and the swiftness with which it was resolved, is inspiring.

Errors and technical issues are an unavoidable part of the social media game. With platforms updating and adding more content to stay relevant and useful almost every month, catering to thousands of users in the process, there are bound to be slip ups here and there. The important part is to acknowledge them as quickly as possible, resolve them as quickly as possible, and keep one's community informed throughout the process.

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