TikTok is bringing a 'pinning' post feature for its users

TikTok has been the perfect example of versatility for quite some time. As a platform launched recently, it has succeeded in incorporating a little from every other platform without being an evident 'copycat', nor has it let these features jumble up.

For instance, TikTok's newest idea is to pin videos on the platform on one's profile. This could be handy if you want users to watch more of a particular video. This could also be a great tool in highlighting videos that need to be seen. For example, a video based on violence or a short video on awareness regarding some social issue.

This news was brought forward by Matt Navarra and Sam Schmir in a tweet where he shared a screenshot of the new feature. The screenshot was the only thing in the tweet along with a statement stating that TikTok is testing 'Pinned' videos on profiles.

The screenshot consisted of a TikTok brand profile with two of the videos were pinned on top. This shows creators might have a higher chance of getting certain content across when pinned.

While the 'pinned' feature isn't that common, being available across WhatsApp and Pinterest among others, it will surely serve as a key feature on TikTok. The platform is just testing out this feature for now therefore we cannot determine its fate just yet.

The move is quite smart although we are a little concerned as to how many videos a user will be able to tag on his profile. If creators are allowed to tag up to 6 videos on their profile, the whole concept behind the 'pinned' videos will go down the drain. As mentioned by a comment beneath the tweet as well, it will be wiser if TikTok allows users to only pin one video at a time. In the screenshot, we can see there are two videos pinned therefore there is no knowing how many videos will be allowed to be pinned.

Another comment informed us of how the feature has been around for some time however TikTok has only recently started to test it around a lot more. We speculate the platform has something huge for us in-store and we cannot wait to find out!

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