Survey Reveals Consumer Feelings on Subscription Fees for Social Media

Social media has ended up becoming a pretty pervasive element in our lives, and this is something that has caused both problems as well as benefits. Most social media platforms tend to earn money by mining user data because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up allowing brands to put up highly targeted ads that they would most likely be willing to pay a great deal of money for. A lot of people take issue with this since they would not want their privacy being compromised in this manner, and one alternative that has been suggested involves social media platforms charging a subscription fee.

A survey conducted by Privacy HQ has revealed that around 72.9% of people felt that it was reasonable to see ads on social media if it meant that they could make use of it free of charge. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that the fact that over 27% of people are willing to pay a subscription fee is quite interesting. This is a massive number of people if you take into account the sheer quantity of users that social media platforms in general tend to have.

There is a caveat to the subscription paying crowd, though. A majority of them, 62.9% to be precise, said that they would prefer a one time payment rather than having to pay a subscription fee every single month. This might just limit the quantity of people that social media sites can get to pay a regular monthly fee, but the workaround for this is that the demands that people have in exchange for paying a subscription fee are rather low.

72.9% of customers said that the premium version of a social media platform should have ad free browsing at the very least. 60.4% said that they would want exclusive content, 34.2% said that they wanted higher or better image quality and around 30% said that they wanted to be exempt from censorship. That last one is probably going to be a bit of a bad idea when you consider the implications, but the most popular feature is one that social media platforms can quite easily provide even if they charge a one time fee since this would bring quite a bit of revenue in as it is.
This is definitely a feature that social media platforms should try out. Twitter has recently made some forays into premium subscription offerings but they failed to provide the ad free experience that so many users tend to prefer from such plans. There is clearly a huge gap between what users want and what social media platforms want to give them, and there are of course quite a few practical options that need to be taken into account as well. The increased scrutiny surrounding user privacy means that some kind of compromise needs to be figured out. Social media platforms might need to start looking into finding new sources of revenue that would be in line with what social media users tend to expect from them, and that wouldn’t infringe on their right to privacy online.
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