With the help of technology you can live a convenient life, but it can also be a major risk to your privacy

No one can disagree with this statement that there are many benefits of technology as it has made our life much convenient, for instance, now we can talk easily with a person on mobile that is living a thousand miles away. We now can spend most of our time on social media to connect with our families and friends, but one thing should be remembered that you always have to pay a cost for using this technology, sometimes you pay the cost in money, and in most of the time, and you have to pay the cost by compromising your privacy. We know that all the applications that we use, for instance, social media, GPS, Smart-Television, photo, and video editors; these all apps that keep tracing us all the time so that they could target us with more personalized ads.

These applications and devices do not just gather the info; they also sell this data to advertisers, Govt, and other law implementation authorities. A survey has recently been conducted to get the view of the general public about what they think about the technology and whether it is a risk to our confidentiality too? People with different age groups gave their opinions about the technology and privacy, a few groups of people answered that there are many benefits of tech, however, their flaws are insignificant, but a few collections of people said that they cannot compromise their privacy and they can rescind their devices if they know they it is tracking their data.

It was found from the opinions of people that the privacy breach of four out of five industries is at danger for cybercrime. The Health care department, Govt., financial sectors, and transportation departments have to increase their security to combat cyber-attacks. The Arts & entertainment sector has also been the victim of these attacks for many years. There is no doubt that industrial sectors also have to face some regulations of Govt interference on the privacy of people.

The survey also found the relation of privacy concerns with gender. It was found that the identity and location info of women are more in danger than the men as the personal identity info and the data of address of women are at risk up to 31% while this percentage of men are just 22%. While men are more worried about the data of their conversation and their activities as 45% of surveyed men fear more about their chats while the percentage of women is 40%. 21% of men said that they are afraid of vending their private info to marketers, while the percentage of women is 16%. However, the replies were quite low on the question of risking the data during the legal chronicles.

Another question was also asked that can the general public relinquish their privacy? However, different people have different concerns with the tech; most of the time, older people above sixty-five years of age group have slightly higher concerns with the technology than the youngsters. It was found that those people under the age group of 45 to 64 are most anxious about location stalking, house security tools, and smart device secrecies as they think these devices are in major jeopardy of confidentiality. While young people of 18 to 24 years of age have apprehensions about the house security tools.

There is no doubt that every device that we use has some concerns about secrecy but yes some of them can be a major threat to our personal data. The report further revealed that people are most terror being snooped by online security cameras, webcams, and mobile phone cameras as well. So the security camera risk is at the top of the list. The 2nd thing that people are most endangered with is the anti-virus tools and software. On the 3rd, biometric facial identification is the main threat. However, people least fear the stranger camera observation. However, it was considered that social media apps can also be a danger to the personal data of users but some astonishing facts revealed that less than half of the users considered these as a threat. A few persons are also fear smart carriages, smart houses, and smart regulators systems.

The study further revealed that people over 65 years of age can avoid using the technology because they considered their privacy the most important thing, as about 38% of the older people said that they can leave technology but they are not ready to compromise their security. However, people 18 to 24 years of age are not much bothered about the tech flaws as only 15% of the youngsters just do not want to compromise their confidentiality.

This survey by Safehome involved around 1,019 people. Take a look at below infographics for more insights: 
Tech can make your life safer and easier, but is it worth the risk to your privacy
With the help of technology you can live a convenient life, but it can also be a major risk to your privacy
Industry Privacy Concerns
Privacy Through the Ages
genders surveilled
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