Study Reveals That Search Engine And Digital Video Ads Will Be The Future Of Advertising

A study reveals that spending on advertisements across search engines and digital video ads is projected to grow by 50% over the next four years.

The study at hand was conducted by Statista, a research and analysis firm that's rather well known for their provision of data for hundreds of different companies. This particular article of theirs, published under the heading of Advertising and Media, gathered data across multiple forms of ad material, compiling it all into one major report. Examples include non-digital advertisements across TVs, radio, & print; digital advertisements in the form of videos, banners, podcasts, music streaming, & search advertising. Outliers for this study included the likes of emails, product placement, and influencer deals. With all of our data established, let's look at the results.

Overall, ad spending in the Advertising market is expected to reach USD $ 288,237 million in 2021. Just like previous years, TV continues to remain the market share most invested in by advertising agencies. However, it now shares the spotlight with online videos, which see an incredible amount of engagement across all social media platforms. Furthermore, advertising is slowly shifting more and more towards a digital marketplace. By the year 2025, digital ads are expected to own a 76% share of total ad spending. Therefore it's important for all brands looking to launch major ad campaigns that they focus on generating video content for social media. The content should also ideally be short and to the point, encouraging a stronger reach.

Even with the success of video ads, however, search engine ads are building up to less the charge on online advertising. By 2025, they are expected to reach a value of USD $115 million, as opposed to the market value of digital video ads at USD $63.3 million. Search engines are also some of the most commonly visited webpages across the internet. Therefore, promoting one's banners and the like across Google Search is a good way to start out your advertising career.

Advertising is a rather tricky art form. However, we're lucky enough to live in a time where it can easily, and even effectively, be grasped and utilized. Let's face it: while physical media is still relevant, it's inching it's way towards not being so. With how popular and accessible online media is, advertising is now as easy as clicking a few buttons.

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