Presearch Engine: The Future Of Search Engines In The Digital Age?

The world is progressing towards an age revolving around technology and digital media converting it into the Global Village affecting all. With the recent cases on Facebook for disregarding the privacy of its users and impeding on the data to provide to advertisement agencies and other third parties proving troublesome for users. While the case for well argued in congress, the developers at Apple took it onto themselves and provided iPhones with the latest Apple Transparency options that allow the user the option to prevent any website or application from using or storing data.

As many of the social media websites and other channels perform based on their money generated through advertisement and one of the highest percentage sources of Facebook’s net income. While many search engines such as Google uses a centralized system to access the query results posted by users on the search box, Google also realized the need for a decentralized system of search engine and in order to implement it to the full scale, it has allowed adding Presearch search engine as the default options across multiple countries in Europe to every new, updated and factory data reset phone over the channel. While the update is not completely introduced to the rest of the world and the commencement from Europe with the strictest and stingiest of laws allows the company to test their products with extreme settings and the highest tension. As expected more than 70% of Europe use devices operating under the Android Operating system therefore also providing them with a sample size of more than enough to plan on mass releasing the product across all countries, continents, and every other Android mobile phone on the planet.

The success of the new search engine is evident from the fact that it already has around 2.2 million users across its network hitting about an average of 1.3 million searches a day growing up to about 300% since its inception in 2017. Even though the search engine market is saturated heavily, there still are some expectations from Presearch due to its unique aspects making it one of the search engines that experts are keeping a keen eye for future development. The update is in line with the complaint filed against Google and the action of the European Commission that inquires Google to increase the number of default search engines across smart phones as scrutiny might increase if privacy continues to being infringed upon.

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