Facebook celebrates the festivity spirit by offering up a guide to shop owners on the platform

It is true that Facebook has always been one step ahead of the trends and it is time for Facebook to take a swing for the celebratory season, just not in a way we expected. Facebook has decided to guide its little shop-owning ducklings to the correct path to reach the clear pond waters filled with amazing customers.

The guide consists of keynotes to get the most of the season, how to get that festive touch to the shops and usage pointers. All of these are aimed to engage customers to the most and create the perfect Christmas listings. If sales do boom in the Christmas season, why shouldn't online retailers get a little taste of it as well?

Facebook also rewarded the top-rated shops by flagging them. Since it's the platform that flagged these, it will surely send in some traffic this way hence giving these shop owners their own Christmas miracle. Facebook insists that these labels are supposed to give shoppers confidence and assurance as to which shops are reliable and worthy on both Facebook and Instagram. These labels will state 'Preferred shop', meaning these shops not only have a wider range of products but good reviews and great user experience as well. These labels are themselves a label for consistency, reliability, and excellence.

For those that did not get flagged, Facebook did publish some tips to help create a better space to attract more customers. These include;

1. Up-to-date catalog

There are two essentials to a quality catalog and those include having updated placements in search results to help consumers navigate better and engaging your customers in conversations about your product by providing buckets of details as well as ample pictures. However, forgetting the balance can be a hard turn off here.

2. Tagged shopping posts

To drive in more traffic, you definitely need to tag your products. Facebook allows a business to tag up to 5 products which will bring in traffic from stories, posts, and/or live videos. Even the stickers can be used to drive in customers.

3. Customized festive collections

With Christmas around the corner, Facebook advises users to add in collections consisting of at least 8 items minimum with bright and catchy pictures and captions to really get that festive spirit going. The platform also mentioned how gift cards are a particularly good strategy to bring in more customers.

Not only are these pointers designed to improve your collection, they'll also shape your space according to the trends, getting you some real-time customers.

Furthermore, this time around Facebook isn't rolling out the festivities for just the users. Instead it will be rolling out tools for retailers to provide them options to fit the holiday theme better.

We look forward to an elevated shopping experience on these online sites with the pandemic still in play and Christmas barely 117 days ahead.


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