Only A Few Companies Have The Proper Cyber Security System To Run File Uploads

Turning digital for many companies requires them to extend their online footprint across the internet and that comes with its ups and downs. While the internet brings through additional revenue, exposure, and standing of a sort to the organizations as well as have them work with the IT department to supersede their structures every day for the better. It also brings the threat of frauds, scams, and cyber security concerns and some companies are not ready to deal with these yet.

OPSWAT, a cybersecurity solution company brings forth a survey that reveals the difference in the number of organizations that want to protect the users against cyber security concerns and the organizations that are at the standard to perfectly ward off any such concerns at any given point in time. They concluded this in the Web Application Security Report their finding in regards to the matter at hand.

The overview of the report concludes a 91% gap between companies that want to safeguard their users against cyber threats and those actually capable to do so. The difference constituted to the 99% of organizations wanting to stomp the curb against these scammers and only 8% of the organizations remotely capable of stopping any malware that is thrown their way. The 99% distribution spreads out to the 87% reporting themselves as extremely and very concerned in regards to their digital security, whereas the 82% of the organizations commented that their concerns increased over the duration of the pandemic and results of it were imperative to the well being of their firms and their share holders.

What was surprising was the fact that 32% of the organizations had no protocols to detect any malcontent or viruses in the files that are being uploaded to their servers presenting not only a major threat to the entire system but also financial loss as huge as it gets.
"Survey reveals that 82% of organizations with web applications that accept file uploads have increased concerns about malware attacks in the last year, but only 8% implement security best practices."
The 302 participants for the Opswat survey are independent digital security firms and professionals that are actively involved in accepting almost around 500 uploads of files per day with more than 200 employees for the companies they work with.

The full report of the Opswat company is thorough and contains advanced details of the users with maximum support on the Content Disarm and Reconstruction claims for the users that employ the file transfers from these organizations. The maximum security provided against cyber security is imperative towards successful achievement by these firms for their better future.

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