Instagram CEO ‘feels’ the absence of an Instagram app on iPad, however, says it may not happen any time soon

Instagram has always looked into expanding itself and the platform has come a long way since its first release. It now offers amazing and innovative features and tools which makes socializing online even more fun.

However, there is one thing the social giant has never bothered to work on, despite it being in a very high demand by the public since a long time now. So, what is that feature that the company is not releasing despite a high public interest?

Well, it is the presence of their application on the iPad. While the Instagram application is present on all various kinds of App and Play Stores, the application is not available on the iPad App.

However, looks like the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri, is aware of it. Last week, during an AMA session, a question was raised at the CEO related to this particular issue. Mosseri replied that he is aware that Instagram does not offer its services on iPad and he had spent a big portion of his flight very recently using an iPad and really felt the need for his application to be there.

However, according to the CEO, there is a whole lot of work and efforts that have to go behind it and only so many people that will use it, because mostly people prefer using applications directly from their phones considering it is more convenient.

The statement by the CEO, seemed a little confusing and left all of us in thoughts that which road exactly the company is taking. He mentioned that he felt the absence of the app on iPad, which means will they be considering launching one for it or will he stand by his statement of less user interactions through iPad and downplay the idea.

However, what we feel like is that Instagram isn’t very keen on the idea of introducing an iPad app as of now. Earlier this year, the company updated their features and now allows users to upload pictures directly from their PC or Mac browsers, something which was not possible before. But, there was a twist to this.

It did not allow users to upload the images or videos from iPad browsers. However, it does allow its other two side camera features, on iPad, but not the main app and Facebook allows its messenger and main app, but in a rather poor quality.

While Instagram is a great place to upload pictures, videos, view stories and Live, it would have been a whole new experience on iPad. All companies really need to consider trying out their applications on iPad, because considering how it is in demand by the public, it might give a great response.

Or who knows, Instagram and Apple may have their own differences which is stopping them to launch their application on iPad store. If the company does plan on launching an application on iPad as well, it will be somewhere in the distant future and we cannot wait to see when.

H/T: 9to5Mac.

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