Now the users of Reddit will be able to manage their followers in a better way as the platform has introduced 3 new features

People on social media always want to have maximum control over their accounts and their followers. When users feel that they have complete control in their hands, they feel more secured and protected. Therefore, Reddit has recently introduced 3 different updates after getting the feedback from its user that will allow them to have extra management on their followers. The platform made an announcement a couple of days ago that its users will soon be able to opt out of being followed. That means that this feature will allow users to drop out their followers when they want simply by heading towards the settings of their account on their Android and iOS smartphones. The desktop users can also turn on that option by proceeding towards the profile tab in the website settings.

The option that has been made accessible on Android and iOS devices, the website users can control and watch their followers by going towards their profile tab and then tap on the arrow. The users will get the searchable catalog of their followers in a sequence. This will enable users to follow back or view the profile of the people. If users have enabled the notifications on their settings, they will also get alerts and emails regarding the new person that has recently followed them on the platform. The platform stated that the modifications were applied from the 20thof August to the 10th of September. The platform also apologized to those people who became the victim of exploitation and after getting the feedback and reports of users, the platform started working on these options.

The platform has also improved its search option with a new default explore option inside the communities. Now you do not need to search all over Reddit. The platform has also started working on a new feature within a restricted group of Redditors that will allow them to restrict their experience with possibly disturbing content in the comments segment. They can also put the settings from low to high. It is currently working on forking which is a new possibility to make the communities. There are many posts on the platform that receives numerous comments. A few comments get sufficient adhesion and turn out to be forking off in a separate community. The platform also claims that it has fixed some glitches in the new update.

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