Microsoft Teams Receives A New Upgrade For Mobile Devices Taking An Edge

The world has gone global and the requirements for new services are to be used for virtual meetings, teaching, and several other COVID normalcies that we see all around us. Every major tech firm has dipped its toe into the feature for virtual meetings application, however, the three major competitors that have gone full fledge included the underdog Zoom going against Microsoft Team and Google Meet. The latter of the two initially being video call applications turned into meeting platforms.

Unlike what was expected of the top tech giant’s applications, Zoom stood atop every single application there was nearing an estimated rise of around 300% in its stocks and its sale skyrocketing during the year. But, it is not in the nature of these tech firms to bow down and exit the ring without a fight, which has resulted in them working through and through to not only compete with Zoom but out shine, out smart and out work the service in all of its features and services.

The details and updates of Google Meet are although not significantly in action, but the recent developments undertaken by Microsoft to its Teams application can prove to finally oust its rival to bite the dust in the systems of virtual meeting technologies. The investment that Microsoft has put in its Teams’ mobile application might finally pay off with the new upgrades that it has.

The first of these updates include all the features that its competitor, Zoom, boasts about including the ability to transfer calls and take calls on in the car with the services from Apple. The second and all the more important part of these updates revolves around the ability of the application to detect spam calls made to the user. While Teams have been introduced with the feature and started to roll out, Zoom unfortunately only has these updates currently in beta testing.

The thirds and the most triumphant of these updates is the one that Zoom has not even remotely considered or intended to develop. Microsoft Teams will now soon feature a walkie-talkie mode that allows the users at all ends to push a button to speak allowing effective communication and no back drop noises across the board.

It is expected that even though Teams had not made standing before, but now after presenting its case by not only matching Zoom but overcoming its features might finally be the break through that the team of Teams very much needed and deserves.


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