Google Docs Is Getting Wider Comment Boxes, And Will Allow Users To Add Watermarks To Their Files

Google Docs is getting a few new tweaks to its interface. Namely, the service will now feature larger comment boxes, and support the presence of watermarks.

As reported by Google's own blog, both of these features will be making their initial appearances on the browser client, as opposed to the application itself. Mobile phone users will unfortunately have to wait for a while for the Google Docs app to start supporting wider boxes and watermarks, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. As it stands, the comment box has a width of 35 characters. While that isn't the character limit itself, comments can go on for much longer, the overall appearance of longer sentences starts looking a bit weird at the end of it. While aesthetics aren't necessarily a writer or client's first thought when going through a document, scrolling down because a comment turned out to be too long does ultimately become tiresome.

Increasing the space from 35 to 59 characters doesn't seem like much, but even 15 empty spaces adds a lot of wiggle room to the overall look. The comments look like they can finally breathe again, and users can go on to write more elaborate thoughts and opinions on the present text. This 43% increase in size, if you want to be specific about it, will scale itself based on the number of words used and the size of your browser window. While we've yet to see what that looks like in full effect, mobile users might be able to make use of this new feature after all, if they use their browser instead of the app.

Another new and upcoming addition to the Docs interface is concerned with watermarks. Users can now add their own logos and other associated images to the background any document. The watermark must be an image, and while its transparency cannot be controlled, the image itself can be moved to the front of back of a document. Essentially, the user can choose whether or not their watermark blocks any text. This is definitely a very useful feature, and can lead to Docs being used much more frequently in more business oriented sectors.

Both of these features, though not available yet, are expected to roll out soon. Expanded comment boxes will be available as soon as this day, while watermarks will be seen in the coming weeks. At any rate, not too long of a wait.

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