An Evaluation To Figure The Most Potent And Efficient Virtual Assistant

The pace at which machine learning and artificial assistants are astonishing as the mere fact of an automated machine doing everyday tasks without fail would have filled a room with laughter and caught the interest of everybody. However, in 2021 as the digital age is scaling in perfectly, we understand that the role of artificial intelligence is one of the most prominent bridges to connecting users and might even eliminate any language and cultural barriers over globalization.

In an effort to understand which virtual assistance works the best and might swing open the gates of the big break in the next step for artificial intelligence, a survey was conducted by PC-Mag with over a thousand users over the age of 18 to evaluate artificial intelligence. The survey also included a portion to evaluate which of the common virtual assistants are considered the most secure and provides maximum privacy protection for users.

The results were not surprising as the most common virtual assistant was also considered the smartest with Amazon’s Alexa bagging in 44% of the votes leaving others to bite the dust. Google’s assistant, Google, came under at the second position bagging a total of 33% with Siri tagging along at 30%. Other virtual assistants such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby came with 8% and 5% respectively while others just collected a total of 3% of the votes.

The trend was consistent with the age of the assistants as Alexa, Google, and Siri been out the longest followed through with the little developed Cortona that is now only limited to pre installed windows computers as it has been taken down from the play stores. Bixby is barely even there as it has not been worked on at all and is there just for the sake of it.

However, one aspect of the survey brought users throughout the wind as there was little correspondence in being the most used and smartest. Google led the most used charge with 39% and Amazon’s Alexa followed in with 36% and Siri with 29%.

One surprising correlation shocked those taking the survey to the range that the most used assistants had the least trust of the users with Alexa being rated by 28% of the survey users as the least trustworthy assistant amongst all. Google was not far behind as FLoC updates and other setups by Google to take user info lined up with the 24% it bagged in and Apple took a similar place with 24% as well.

H/T: PCMag.

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