Facebook finds an alternative to make sure that the reach for ads is not affected despite ATT being implemented

When Apple introduced its Apple Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, a lot of social media giants specially Facebook wasn't happy. This was because the new tracking transparency feature gave Apple users an opportunity to decide whether they allow any application to track them or store their data or not.

Many users were expected to deny the tracking for privacy concerns and this was a downfall for many social networks specially Facebook which use this data to target the specified audience for the small businesses present on their application.

However, while the ATT is now in action, many social media giants cannot track users until they give consent and things were starting to look bad for them so Facebook decided to take a different approach in order to ensure that their ads reach a larger audience and are not affected because of ATT. So what steps is the tech giant taking to ensure this?

Well, Facebook has introduced a new option called Targeted Expansion. This new feature will use the automated technology to target an audience of a broader range.

This means that if a business owner on Facebook makes a sponsored post and wants it to reach a broader audience they can choose the option for targeted expansion and the social giant based on its own statistics and assumptions will provide your ad to a big part of users on Facebook.

The targeted expansion though will include the subset category of reach you've chosen, for example if a seller sponsors an ad to reach people with the criteria of 'women, age 30-50, and a specific region', Facebook based on its own algorithm system will also show the ad to people outside this group which it thinks it will be beneficial too.

While this is a great initiative by the tech giant the question stands that are sellers happy with this new tactic?

Well that depends, some sellers have a specific targeted audience that they want to reach and at times the new technology might not be able to give them that, however sometimes the automated technology can be able to give the best of results.

In short, while Facebook's new automated technology to help sellers have gotten smarter it's not a foolproof plan and it's not as effective as it was before ATT came over, but at least the tech giant is trying to provide its audience with the best and sometimes it’s the thought that counts right?

We hope Facebook does find a foolproof plan to provide their audience with the best reach soon until then this new feature looks like the best option.

Photo: Robert Galbraith / Reuters

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