Instagram Tests Specific Audience Broadcasting Feature To Give Creators Some Relief From 'Live' Anxiety

The eCommerce market is not only heavily saturated but is progressing at a pace that only the top guns of the industry are efficiently able to cope up with the new updates that are released every week and at times twice in one week at grind times. With TikTok taking over increased market power and Snapchat growing faster than ever in the pandemic, Instagram decided to use an ace up its sleeve to garner an edge over its competition.

The update involves an option to practice going live, while also giving way to comfort and the ability to practice for up and coming influencers on the application as well as new businesses over at Instagram Shops that would provide a practice session before important sessions to preserve their image and reputation.

This update was brought to the internet community by Matt Navarra with his tweet over with a screenshot indicating there is an option present to be used when going live with respect to the broadcasting audience. The options include one to go public with their broadcast while another to Practice.

However, there is only a Twitter screenshot from Matt Navarra and nothing substantial from the company itself. There are no statements or the surety of when the options will be given to a specific audience for beta testing let alone the entire Instagram media for the users to reap the benefit from. The decision currently lands in the hands of Instagram, however, the excitement in regards to the new practice feature is great as it allows the creators a chance to have the experience and practice before going live in front of a big audience.

Not only the practice features, but Instagram is also closing in on something similar to the close friend option. This new favorites option will allow the user to select friends and celebs whose posts will be at the top of their feed. Again, this is just a speculation but an equally credible source of Alessandro Paluzzi, who took to Twitter with a screenshot after successfully reverse engineering the new Instagram Feature. When and to whom, it will be disclosed is still a matter resting in the hand of the brains at the headquarters in California.

After the 2018 feature of close friends, this favorite feature paired with the practice broadcasting option may seem to be the edge that the company is so desperately looking for. With many other features under development, Matt and Alessandro keep providing us with new features to be excited about and await their arrival.

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