Instagram in an effort to further better its platform for kids, will now require users to provide their birthdays

Facebook has always been a very age restrictive platform when compared to its daughter company Instagram. Instagram is much less restrictive and also has a big portion of kids using it, while this increases the youth’s inclination towards the platform thus proving that it will be successful for long, it also however makes Instagram liable to make its platform much more safe for kids to use.

Instagram understands this, which is why the company since a long time has been working on newer policies and rules such as an update that made it difficult for unknown adults to contact kids on the platform while also privatizing kids accounts that were public.

Instagram also limited suggesting kids accounts to different people. Apart from this the platform has started flagging different accounts for being suspicious and have prohibited them from messaging or requesting kids.

These are great efforts by the platform and will surely help protect kids from predators on the platform and will give them a much better and safer experience on the platform. In continuation with its mission to make Instagram safe for young individuals, have launched a new update that will require every user on the app to provide their birthday dates and years, this will make it easier for Instagram to collect age details from all accounts that previously did not provided it and will surely help them better implement their policies and rules regarding children's accounts on the platform.

Users on Instagram from now onwards will start getting a pop up notification that will ask them for their birthday dates and years. This notification will come up as soon as they open their Instagram account, users however will be able to dismiss it a few times by clicking on the 'not now' button under the notification, however at some point they will not be able to do so and will be required to enter their birth details before they can continue using the platform.

The pop up notification will consist of simple boxes which contain the day, month and year column, users will be able to simply slide up and down and choose their birth date.

Younger users on the platform might try to trick the system and enter a bigger age. Instagram however has developed an Artificial Intelligence system to tackle this problem, the AI system will identify kids accounts and will analyze things such as birthday posts and stories to correctly determine the user's age.

Instagram in the whole past year has been seen working towards making its app safer for younger users. Instagram regarding this update said that it is in its early stages, but will surely accomplish its mission in some time.

Instagram apart from the pop up notification will also ask users who have not confirmed their age to do so when they proceed to see a post that has a warning on it. These are the posts that have a sensitive/graphic warning in it, however this is the first time Instagram has worked towards blocking young users from these posts.

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