Google Is Set To Introduce A Range Of Android Features For Increased Accessibility

Google recently set in stone that they will be pushing forward with features for increased accessibility for all Android users throughout the board. With people that are differently abled now being included in across all technological advancements, and rightfully so, has started with several updates across by Google and its most widely used and acclaimed service, Android.

The first of these starts was over the board by introducing gestures covering the movement of the entire face a while ago. Just recently, Google has updated these features and given it the name of Facial Gesture Controls that allows people, differently abled or not, to access the device with maximum comfortability and increased ease of access.

Not only that, Facial Gesture Controls are now paired with a Google Application called Lookout, updated with the handwriting recognition software that allows people with low vision or acute blindness to be able to operate the device. Furthermore, it was paired with several applications that received updates including but not limited to Digital Wellbeing, Nearby Share, Google Assistant, and Android Keyboard allowing further accessibility to users.

This comes under two of the factors across for the users as the Facial Gesture Control reflects over. The first of these parts is the option for the Camera Switches feature that also exists in the latest beta version of Android 12 on Google Pixel Phones. The Camera Switches allows the user to activate commands with the eyebrow raising feature or the opening and closing of your mouth for activation of certain functions.

The second part includes an entirely independent project called Activate that has users pitching in through by recognizing facial gestures by the camera to allow them to have certain options available to them like sending a text message, recording a voice note or capturing a picture.

Paired with the ability of Lookout to read out loud the sentences in multiple languages provide additional coverage for the users further supported by currency conversions as well as android keyboard to finish the sentences with the ability to do so with artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, the Digital Wellbeing Heads Up organization allows the users to open their reminders by just an action of the voice assistant as well as some updates on Nearby Share with the visibility settings for the users. This assists users in transferring files and data across servers and devices by just using the voice activation feature.

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