Google has introduced a new Avatar Customization system so the users can update their profiles

On 22nd October 2013, customization avatar were introduced, however they couldn’t get much of the attention from the audience. After the social media applications began to update their platforms, Avatars were again brought back, and this time they received world wide recognition on various applications such as Snapchat. Now even the tech giant Google is also one of those platforms which encourages their users to have their own Avatar.

Initially, when the feature was introduced on this platform, the variety of the available avatars was limited. They had their own company made avatars for Workspace users as well as for Gmail users. If a user was not able to find a satisfactory avatar, then they’d have to browse through the Internet to find a relatable one. But now, Google is planning to make this more user accessible by releasing an updated version for avatar customization ,named as Google illustrations. This new system would bring a wide variety of features that could be selected by the users while making an avatar of their own.

Though the name of system might be new but the concept is the same as it was back in the 90s where users could easily use the built in paint application. The system provides a number of pictures that are divided in different categories. After the basic image has been chosen, the details can be adjusted by either removing them or shifting them or by adjusting color accordingly. This color adjustment option itself provides a number of sub features that whether the user wants to change color of the whole image or just a small part needs to be altered.

In order to update the avatar, the users are required to go through their Gmail application or any other Google linked application. Then by tapping on the profile image, a management option will be displayed on the screen. By pressing the display picture, an Add Profile Image option will be showed with Google illustrations lined up at the bottom.

The idea behind a customized Avatar was to help those users who were not comfortable enough to use their own picture on online public platforms.

According to the company, the Android version of the new system has now been released globally. Hence, if an Android user updates their profile, the Avatar will automatically be synced with every Google linked application or platform. System release date for iOS and web users has not been shared yet but the company will release the option for these users as well in the upcoming time.

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