Google Drive now allows users to save all type of files and view them offline

Remember the times we actually had to store our photos and data files into hard disks and other storage devices, well it sure was a hassle. It’s just a lot of work, storing data on multiple hard disks, labelling and storing them and making sure they are safe from all the different kinds of things that can damage these storage devices. However, in today’s day and age we don’t have to go through all this because we have cloud storage that automatically or manually saves all our data on the internet.

In recent years many tech giants have come up with their own versions of cloud storages and most of them have been quite popular. One cloud storage platform that is the most popular amongst users is the Google Drive. Google Drive all thanks to its usability and unique features have managed to get more than a billion active users. A recent Example of Google Drive bringing out an excellent feature is giving users the ability to save any file type offline in your browser, thus allowing users to view even when they are offline.

Google first released this feature about 2 years ago, but it was only limited to the Google G suite users. This ever awaited feature is now finally released for all users. This feature will be visible after a small update on the Google Drive. Using this feature user’s will easily be able to select any file and easily mark it for offline use. Once a user does this, Google Drive will immediately save and backup the file so that they can be viewed even without an internet connection.

Prior to this update user were only able to save Docs, Sheets and Slides for offline use. However now, users can save a variety of files such as images, PDF’s and word files using this feature thus making it easier for users that live in areas with limited internet connection.

To save a file for offline use is pretty easy. Users would just have to right click on any file and look for the ‘Available offline’ option in the list. This feature apart from allowing offline users to view file on Google will also allow them to view files on non-Google supported applications such as PDF viewers on user PC’s.

Apart from making this feature available for all users, Google just a few months ago released a similar feature on the Chrome OS.

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