Facebook introduces the vast variety of music list for its Level Up streamers

Recently, Facebook has been quite focused on the gaming part of their growth strategy and while the tech giant announced just this week about the launch of their very own Facebook fantasy Games, the growth of gaming for Facebook does not stop there.

Facebook has announced this week that it will now let its gamers community play licensed music while they stream their games on the application. However, while you may think that Facebook had made a similar announcement last year as well that is true too.

Last year in September, Facebook launched this feature for their streamers with a partner status and this year the feature has been launched for their Level up streamers as well.

So what is the difference between these two features? Partner status is a status above level up and while streamers of both groups have the accessibility to put up ads and paid subscription, stream with Facebook star currency and can stream with 1080 p at 60 frames each second, partner streamers have some additional bonus features like badges, they receive new tools and features prior to others and have many other accessibility and support features from the tech giant.

The new feature will not disrupt the streaming quality of the video because according to the tech giant their systems will detect when the user is playing the game or when are they talking while in the stream and adjust the sound accordingly.

Considering now that both the level up and partners can stream with music, Facebook is allowing both the streamers categories to use songs from thousands of different music creators and different labels. The list will include all the big names like Sony Entertainment, Warner Music Bros, and Universal Music Group.

The fact that Facebook has collaborated with a bunch of music labels for the licensed music means creators get access to a whole lot of different and diverse music. However, some music will still be restricted and creators will not be allowed to use those certain songs. Any user who streams their video with the music from the specific restricted music category will immediately be notified to remove it. Failing to do so will lead to consequences.

Facebook is quite excited for the expansion of their music streaming feature and is hosting an event in which many celebrity DJs will control the music in the background while streamers play their games live. DJ Khaled, Diplo and many other big names will be present at the event.

Facebook is growing in exciting ways and considering how the social giant was built for only socializing purposes, it has come a long way since then.

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